The Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist


Reve Ryu, an international makeup artist based in Hong Kong. In his early stages of his career, he was honored to earn the chance to work with and learn from famous makeup artists, Wil Wu and Nakai Masato.  Reve Ryu was born and raised in Hong Kong. During his high school years, Reve was already showing his creative artistry. After High school, he went attended the most famous Fashion College, in Hong Kong, HKCITA. During this time, while studying Fashion Design, the Japanese culture and designers such as Yamamoto Yohji and Isse Miyake inspired him. He often designed the whole look, including makeup and hairstyle, in every single display of his garments.    After graduating from HKCITA, Reve moved to Tokyo, for his further studies and adventures. With his fluent Japanese and talents, Reve went to the top makeup and design university, Tokyo Mode Gakuen to study makeup and hair styling. In his graduation Show, Reve was awarded Best Artwork for his own makeup design and the Best Graduation Group for his leading team; this shows his abilities in makeup and his potential of being a leader.    Reve started his career as a makeup artist in Tokyo. He has worked for some of the biggest production and entertainment companies in Tokyo such as Sony Music, Stardust and Lantis, which often hired him as a lead makeup artist for his professional skills and creative passion.     He also often worked with famous artists such as Every Little Things, One OK Rock, Granrodeo, Sakai Yuu, Dish, and Unison Square Garden. Reve was also head stylist on the independent movie “Stay,” The Belle Game music video for the song “River.” Reve’s professionalism and solid work ethic has been greatly appreciated by everyone who has worked with him.   In 2015, Reve moved back to his hometown, Hong Kong, to continue his international career in the industry. He earned the chance to work with famous brands such as, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, and Castañer. With his all-rounded skills, Reve also earned his opportunities on stage dramas such as “A Bollywood…in Hong Kong.” He often works with international photographers,  such as Olivier Yoan, who inspires Reve in his creation of makeup.  As every single opportunity that he earns working with the professionals in the industry, Reve is willing to keep continuously growing and learning to be better in his makeup skills. His eye for beauty and uniqueness in makeup and fashion, he is able to create perfect styles and make the right decisions in any type of situation.